Third Culture Kid at heart. I've never felt a sense of belonging to any individual physical place. My home is wherever my family is, which at the moment is all over the world. I'm a full stack full stack. Yeah, I know I said it twice, but I really dislike job titles. They just limit me. If anything you can call me a professional amateur cuz I love learning new things. 

A little background about me. Grew up in SoCal, moved to the Philippines my 5th grade year till I graduated high school, then onwards and upwards to University of California, Riverside. I've pretty much gone to ALL the schools.... Mainly because I didn't know what to do. Graduated with an BS and MS in Bioengineering with my master's thesis in biomedical imaging, mainly worked on the post processing/signal processing side. Got a job and then automated all my tasks and reports then sat there with nothing to do, but decided to keep on learning I couldn't consume enough.

One fine Californian winter day,  I decided enough was enough! I decided to stop feeling entitled to things and just go out and grab it myself. But knowing myself, I knew I needed a launching point. A big wake up call of sorts, so me and 3 friends did the Mongol Rally 2015, traveling a third of way across the world from London to Mongolia...

Created a documentary on our experience. 

Experienced a few more countries (Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia)

Currently learning to quantify human value in data

I create. 

I write, take pictures moving and still, design, code, and engineer stuff.  

Take a gander around and follow me on twitter: @keewonma or send me an email keewonma@gmail.com..

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