#meerkat potential and rise

What & Why Meerkat

Mobile Livestreaming.

Meerkat, an easy-to-use iPhone app for mobile livestreaming. Meerkat links with Twitter accounts, letting a person on one side of the phone stream a live video feed of whatever the camera points at and yes, even the tiny selfie camera.

You use your Twitter credentials to sign into the app, all the commentary moves through the social network. In other words, while you’re watching someone’s Meerkat feed, you can comment on it with tweets that the broadcaster can see and respond to.

Meerkat is riding on the wave of engagement and transparency. Its the internet raw. Its immediate engagement with your twitter following. Unedited moments from vlogs, podcasts (@garyvee), conversations, your skype call with friends, meetings, @Redbull footage live, your uber ride through SF, or a walk to the gym (@rrhoover).

  • Its like snapchat, but unedited and longer with immediate engagement
  • its like ustream, justin.tv now twitch.tv, but mobile.
  • its clarity.fm, for free IF you can get your question read.
  • its your twitter following with deep engagement in the now.
  • Mobile Notifications! I block a lot of notification on my phone, but at the moment I don't block Meerkat notification, I look forward to them. You can notify your following when you are online. (Attention, marketing pull)
  • Relationship and Community building. Gather all your engaging followers engaging the same topic.

Meerkat feels very human as those meerkating know they cannot edit away anything. it's live...well maybe there is or will be a delay to avoid the fiasco of JT and Janet Jackson.

But if you want to make it a production with say intro music, you have to play it from external speakers, click that play button, or bring it back oldschool and spin some records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, or CDs. (<-Google it if you don't know what those are)

Strip away any editing, after effects, audio filtering or music, and we have Meerkat.

So here's a random thought storm on #meerkat.

  1. Meerkat is bringing humanity back into social media, raw and unedited
  2. Meerkat captures people attention and HOLDS it. i imagine thats why @garyvee likes it?
  3. No one really captured the power of twitter followers directly. The underlying effects of building a brand or trust through a large following were captured, but now there's a potential need for one.
  4. Limiting factor: Twitter & people's data plans #firstworldproblems "is this person's meerkat worth my data?"

Ideas for the future of meerkating:

  1. Remote Experiences (SXSW experience)
  2. People that just want to engage with their following
  3. Faster feedback for brands on new products or features. 
  4. Keynotes. FEEL @garyvee's emotion when we speaks.
  5. Patreon meeting marketing for bands or Mini Performances from artists... voice, music, art, code
  6. Book reading for authors.
  7. GoPro needs to integrate.
  8. Sport footage, Professional practices?
  9. Vlog platform
  10. The story inbetween the story. As we glimpse "behind the scene" into the life of the interwebs famous or special entrepenuer
  11. Say what you need to say without having to hear your significant other banter at you. one way facetime. :P
  12. At a conference, sneak in your meerkat so we all can hear. hehe
  13. Stream of cats playing


Lets chat on twitter @keewonma. No really, let's.

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