customer happiness: memory & offensive happiness.

there's a shift from customer support to customer happiness, but its still being treated as support.

customer x comes to company x and problems are hashed out with customer x hoping leaving on happy notes.

but what if customer happiness wasn't so reactive to problems, but focused on an offensive type of happiness to build lifelong users.

for instance, Buffer (my new favorite company doing happiness) will respond to your tweets faster than a fat kid wants cake, but what would it look like if they stored up those tweets somewhere and then engaged on some follow up.

So on February 12, 2015 at 04:19PM, I asked Buffer after following Medium's epic use of twitter video: @buffer will we be able to use the Twitter video option within the buffer app in the future? (yes I do store all my tweets in a database to search for them later. IFFT now IF, check them out.)

we went into a nice conversation and got linked to their buffer voice forum to vote on new features.

so a few ideas on how I would reengage with myself.

  1. send a video saying hi and appreciate your support (atleast I know Buffer is using my idea of twitter video but might not be able to implement it into the app)
  2. tweet and say that the idea got a few more votes.
  3. ask if I thought of any more nuggets of wisdom since the last one was awesome (whether or not it was is meaningless as it was awesome enough for me to tweet at them)

 so I guess I think there is a huge dataset for companies to utilize but they aren't. technology is making it super easy to store all this data, so you don't even have to remember them, so why not engage on these to create lifelong customers? the fact that you "remembered" the engagement means a lot. it would make me supremely happy :). of course there are a number of variable to consider... but maybe?

We want to embrace relationships rather than products.

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