Before the virgin birth, before the Cross, ... Science!

Hai! You are awesome. :D

First, let us get a baseline reference point for all our us to work off of.

Start with how the human body see and hears. We see through those our eyes. Simple right? Well, kinda. Light in the visible spectrum is refracted and reflected off objects in our universe and focused into our eyes by the lens,  etc.

Now this is nothing new for the smart reader you are, but consider the electromagnetic spectrum that visible light is in. As humans, the visible spectrum in which we can detect light is limited to 390 nm to 700 nm. Only 310 nm in the broad electromagnetic spectrum that we know of today .

For simplicity sake, let’s consider the largest EM class - Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) (100 Mm or 100 million meters) - as a reference point. The visible spectrum is 3.1 E-13% of the spectrum.

0.000000000000031%  <----The percent of the quantifiable universe you can see is really, really, really small.

Now hold that into your short term memory storage system. and let's consider the auditory system in our wondrous human bodies as they process the audible mechanical waves of pressure and displacement; AKA sound.  

We hear by detecting tiny vibrations through the air.  There's two tiny bones in your ears; one on the left and one on the right that vibrates as different packets of compressed and decompressed waves of sound float through the air. That tiny bone is limited though.

It only detects frequencies between the 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz  range, which decreases with age. (Sorry old peoples!).

We can get into the maths again, but no one really likes maths. So just understand that everything below 20Hz, and every sound above 20,001 Hz, are sounds you can't perceive.

But you already knew that so let's dive a little deeper  and consider what makes voices and a language: The combination of different frequencies and tones, the complex systems of communication incorporating culture,  and the vocal cords vibrating to crazy tones, etc. etc. etc. Butttttt we forgot we are still physically limited.  

Also consider the angles in which our eyes process light, the information that gets reflected, refracted, diffracted, or distorted away. All in all, we miss A LOT of information

So consider what would let us β€œsee or hear” God; a God which we believe is greater, bigger and stronger than the we can imagine. He would first have to limit himself to four (x, y, z, and space-time) out of the the 11 dimensions we know of, for our silly brains to even process the information. He must then further constrain himself to frequencies between the 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz, and wavelengths of light between 390 nm to 700 nm.

And this is exactly what God did, when he sent his Son, Jesus Christ to us.

Christ's sacrifice started before the Cross.

Just let that sink in for a second or two.

To put it into perspective, imagine living your life as a 2-D stick figure. Would it feel as if part of you is missing, limited, or gone?  Physically, of course, but thanks to God, our identity is not dependent on such things and only on Him and his nature.