The Great Yakception + GIFs…

The Great Yakception + GIFs…

the story of our team name for the Mongol Rally…

So if you have no idea what the Mongol Rally, brush up on your memory in our previous posts here:

I remember the moment distinctly… I was up in the frigid air of the Rockies on a ski trip with old friends while the rest of the team was scattered across the world. You see we are a remote team, I’m usually in Southern California. Josiah is in Austin, Texas, Marshal in Lexington, Kentucky, and Patrick is all the way over in Switzerland although he’s originally from Georgia.

So its 2 pm MT(Denver), 3 pm CT (Austin), 6 pm (Lexington), and 10pm (Switzerland), oh the fun time zones maths.

Photo by Lee Roylland

Photo by Lee Roylland


Anyways, I’m downstairs in this ginormous cabin with a view of snow capped mountains, searching for the best spot to connect in for our weekly google hangout meetings.

At this point I didn’t really know Patrick. He was Marshal’s friend who is Josiah’s friend, but Marshal really is my friend now after our trip to Brazil last summer and Utah back in March. It makes more sense on paper.

so when we started I was essential Kramer, but now Josiah is more like Kramer cuz I’m awesome like that. kinda….

Patrick was the first one on the line, so its just me and Patrick engaging in the beloved small talk of this world. Then Marshal pops online with his southern drawl, and in true Josiah fashion, Josiah arrives last as always.

On the agenda today is name-ception, Jon meets Patrick, name-ception, website and sponsorship talk.

Being engineers and a computer scientist, we had decided to each come up with a list independently the week previous then come together with our best names. Embracing my inner creative, I came up with zero.

Names are just inherently difficult for me to come up with, I tend to over analyze everything about it.

Anyways the other guys came up with an epic list:

Patrick’s names:

mounty pathon and the quest for the — [holy trail, holy quail, Mongolian trail]
To Mongolia and beyond!
Marauders without a map
3 Chasers and a Seeker (we have broom(s) on top of the car)
4th Gear
Adventure Jackets
Apollo 0.11
One small car for man

Josiahs Names:

Ramblin — [mongolian treck, poop deck, travelers cheque, rain czech ]
4 men in a pub (worked better when there was 3 of us)
4 men and a siberian tiger cub
Uzbekistan Caravan (A caravan is like a camper in the UK)
caravanning [in the spring,
Ulaanbaatar — [by star, via Myanmar, in a compact car, au revoir, where you are ]

Marshal’s terrible team names (from best to worst):

Ulaanbaatar — [by star, via Myanmar, in a compact car, au revoir, where you are ]
Makeshift Managed (like mischief managed, except with our makeshift car)
Hyper driving turbo thunder
Caucasian Caucus Caucasus Crossers
Mongol Rally Rednecks
Team America
(Mettlesome, Makeshift, ‘Merican) Motors
yaks on yaks on yaks
Motley Mongolians
Genghis Cunnilingus

going through our list.

Now all we picked our top 1 or 2 from each list in bold above. Then each vote on the top two independently and see if there were any that overlapped. simple right?

Jon: Ulaanbaatar in a compact car & yaks on yaks on yaks

Marshal: Hyperdriving turbo thunder & Ulaanbaatar in a compact car

Josiah: Ulaanbaatar in a compact car & yaks on yaks on yaks

Patrick: Hyperdriving turbo thunder & Marauders without a map



So after that shanningans we were left with the top three:

  1. Ulaanbaatar in a compact car,
  2. Hyper driving turbo thunder,
  3. yaks on yaks on yaks.

After the discussion on why we like each one:

  1. Ulaanbaatar in a compact car: it just rolls off the tongue like butter, it rhymes, Josiah came up with it (definitely a Josiah reason), we finish in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (well atleast at the time we were, now it’s Ulan-ude, Russia, just north of Ulaanbaatar).
  2. Hyper driving turbo thunder: it makes no sense at all, but makes you smile, kinda reminds you of the DeLorean from Back to the Future, It’s got all the adjectives of awesomeness, it’s ironic since we are going in a crap car that isn’t going to be reaching any sort of high speeds even going downhill.
  3. yaks on yaks on yaks: we all literally could not stop laughing for a good two minutes after hearing it, we think there are yaks in Mongolia, easy to dress up our car as a yak, horns, fur, etc. yaks are quite versatile and strong.

Anyways, after all that discussion, we now just had to pick our top one and see if any overlapped (cue jeopardy music)…

Since I was just communicating with my phone without a computer, I had to wait for everyone to type in their results…

Marshal: what is… Hyper driving turbo thunder

Josiah: who is… yaks on yaks on yaks

Patrick: what is Ulaanbaatar in a compact car

Its all tied up.. Oh man Oh man.. the decision was down to me. I had my decision already, but a million thoughts were going through my head…mostly dumb stuff in retrospec but in the moment oh man… how is this gonna affect Patrick’s first impression of me, what if Marshal hates me if I don’t pick his, what if Josiah goes into depression and starts eating cake 24/7, what if dinosaurs teleport into our world and start eating my team, what in the world am I doing right now, does a name really even matter, do i get a prize for decided? … .

so i clear my throat and…

Jon: um… … yaks on yaks on yaks.

(silence) (oh man.. really? the world is truly going to end! gahhhhh someONE say somethings) in reality maybe a few seconds pass..

Josiah say:

And the winner was… yaks on yaks on yaks!



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