Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo

a short series on how I quit my job to embark on the Mongol Rally…

Lets get a baseline going. My boss is pretty awesome. He’s got an open door policy and always willing to help out. A general nice guy. He comes and check in every now and then, but doesn’t micromanage. Every morning he arrived by our desks to steal the coffee we make in the morning and… if there is no coffee, the predictable, “TFTI” (Thanks for the invite) or a childish grip of “U h8 me” comes out. His neotany is quite refreshing sometimes and other time you just WANT TO SMACK HIS FACE AND TELL HIM TO GROW UP.

Excuse me.. ahem.. i digress.

Well of all the days to go missing and be unavailable. It happens to be the day I’m trying to give my two weeks notice to… well…go on the Mongol Rally. My company doesn’t give you 6 weeks off to go drive from London to Mongolia for charity. It’s a bit old school like that. Anyways, he didn’t stop by our desk to get coffee or say hello. Must be a crazy day or an uber BIG wig. Most likely the latter…

zilch. nada. zero. nien. negativo.

Anyways, so here I am trying to find him to let him know that I’ll be taking off to go see the world and leaving my job. But he is no where to be found.

You see i had this strategy, my inconspicuous way to see if he’s in his office. I would take my mug and walk it over the watering dispenser whilst looking to see if his office door is open, pretty sneaky, huh?

I went about 3 times and my bladder was getting full so plan B takes effect. I inconspicuously go to the bathroom, empty my bladder, whilst keeping an eye out for his door to see if heaven’s gate will open and I can walk into to be free.

He isn’t there.

Does he have some sort of ninja hiding skills that i don’t know about? is he is a meeting? Is he waldo? Although a red and white hat and striped shirt would stand out tremendously in our gray cubical farm.

Well the day ended I had to go catch my van pool home before they left me, but I’ve came up with some new plans for tomorrow. I’ve left an empty box of Cheez-Its on my desk to conveniently throw away as I peer down the hallway to see if his office will be open tomorrow.


Also Bossman if you are reading this. we need to talk.



If I ever find Waldo, I hope he gets hit by lightning…Part 2

If I ever find Waldo, I hope he gets hit by lightning…Part 2