Hyper Driving Turbo Thunder

Hyper Driving Turbo Thunder

France > Germany > Czech > Austria > Slovenia

We got off the ferry in France at 630 pm on a Sunday. If anyone has been to France, you know that nothing.. i mean NOTHING is open in France at that hour. But luckily I had to pee… really really bad..

We got off the highway and happen to turn down a divided highway and had to go way down the road to turn around. We saw a grocery store on the side of the motorway and decided to check it out.. It was of course closed..

But luckily Josiah saw an open pizza kiosk named Le Kiosque de Pizza with people inside.. This pizza stand was literally just a stand.. a green box with French people serving pizza. After some broken communication and high school/college french, we got our first meal in France. At this point it was getting dark and off to find a place to sleep. .

We had no idea where to sleep in France and luckily found a rest stop with trees along the roadway and pitched our ENO hammocks and slept a few hours only to be woken up by rain at 6am.

Then it was an early start off to Metz, France.

In front of Georgia Tech Lorraine

In Metz, Josiah, Marshal, and Patrick spent most of their time reminiscing and visiting study abroad memories (GTL). Also no trip to Metz would be complete without a Serpenoise Kebab.

Germany was a trip on the Autobahn being blown passed by Audis, BMWs, Porsches, station wagons, eurovans, fiats, smart cars, and pretty much everything else on the road. As we raced off to Prague, Czech for a Mongol Rally party.

Most of us had been to Prague before, but driving (without GPS, at night) through was a different story. We flew around the city following a fellow Mongol Rally car, narrowly missing trolley cars, following Patrick’s gut through the narrow streets of Prague and arrived at the abandoned rail station at midnight after an hour and a half of “scenic” tour of Prague.

After a fun, but sleepless night in Prague we headed out to Austria. Josiah was driving because he had slept the most the night before… one hour of shut eye.. while I attempted to stay awake to navigate. After an hour of driving around in circles trying to our way out of Prague we were finally able to get out of the city and enjoy the beautiful ride through the Alps in Austria.

We arrived after dark in Bled to the picturesque lights on Lake Bled only to be denied at the gates of the campsite and sent miles away because there was not “room in the inn. ” So off to our favorite place to sleep thus far… a rest stop.

After waking up, we spent the day at Lake Bled, which turned out to as gorgeous, but way to touristy for our poor tastes…. think glamping.. I mean there was a trampoline playground, scuba diving, boating of all sorts, and so much more. We ran around the lake (4.4 miles around the lake.. i’m only slightly/majorly out of shape), had our first wash/shower of the trip (Oh man the water has never felt sooo nice. My hair is no longer stands straight up on its own :) ) tested some drone footage and now..

Lake Bled, Slovenia.. Thats the Alps behind there. mmm.. so good. :)


We are off to Croatia! Until next time.. stay classy.

Camping Croatia

Camping Croatia

I'm on a boat (UK > France)

I'm on a boat (UK > France)