Trekking Around Plitvice Lakes

Trekking Around Plitvice Lakes

Zadar, Croatia to just before Split, Croatia

The day was spent fully exploring the beauty that is Plitvice Lakes. The day started out amazing the sun was shining, but it was a bit disney-esk. I mean why would there be lines at a National Park? Whoever engineered the walkway didn’t imagine there would be a stampede of people attempting to talk selfies in front of the waterfalls. The Disney rule for no selfie sticks should be implement in all national parks all over the world… But don’t get me wrong the lakes and waterfalls were definitely a sight to see. The cascading lakes make for the most amazing views and more pictures were have been taken.

But then again Marshal wouldn’t be able to snapchat his Kentuckians peoples with Morgan Freeman-like narration…Thats probably the only successful thing that was accomplished in Plitvice Lakes…

So the day started with classic tourist pictures in front of lakes and waterfalls… then the snowball of face palms started…

First of all..… at the lake… IN NOT SITUATION ARE YOU ALLOWED TO GET INTO THE WATER… No matter how much sweat is pouring down your face. No matter how good your korean girl whining voice is (Josiah pretty much has it down). No matter how tempted you are to cool off your shWETy body is. No matter how much fire is beating down from the sun. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER INTO THE CRYSTAL CLEAR BLUE WATER. and by clear I mean glass clear and by blue I mean the bluest blue in the world…. so face-palm to swimming..

Marshal… attempt to pilot his drone…and by attempted I mean piloted pretty much blind. but both the phone and tablet died of battery for realtime flight was face palm number dos…

A while later.. Marshal found the best photo spot in the park and was setting up the shot with his tripod to frame the scene.. and then..broke his tripod leg.. perfect picture face-palm.

Marshal pre-tripod lost, post drone launch

Marshal pre-tripod lost, post drone launch

Furthermore.. we for some reason thought that the Plitvice Lakes was like an amusement park… and didn’t bring ANY food into the park and after walking for 8+ miles.. .you tend to get a bit hungry.. and by hungry I mean carniverously starving… Josiah was debating which body part he didn’t need the rest of the trip or which child’s ice cream he could steal from while successfully run away from angered parents… both of which.. we are all glad didn’t happen..but face-palm to food foresight

And finally.. Thor and Oden decided to start the thunder and lightning show and then Poseidon decided to bring the entire ocean down on us with a wave of water although it was freshwater so not exactly sure how he did that… . Luckily for… Patrick and only Patrick who brought a camera condom (don’t ask).. while the rest of us shoved our camera under our shirts to shelter our precious footage while exercising our juking skills avoiding the parade of tourist while shuttle running from shelter to shelter. But don’t worry, mom, we were very safe with our equipment and our electronics stayed dry. So pictures from that point forward… rain face-palm..

But nothing can get this group of optimistic travels down… I mean we did get some epic pictures nonetheless.. and the rain did cool our shWETy bodies… :D Afterwards we attempted to drive to Krka National Park…

So in hindsight.. we probably should have realized that Krka would’ve been closed by the time we got there.. but maybe it was the lack of sleep or the general delusion recklessness…i mean calculated risk mindset we are in on this trip… regardless.. we were off to the park. you guessed it.. i was closed… the signs were clear.. as we got to the front entrance of the park…with empty parking lots… restaurants closing down… and maybe.. i mean maybe 5 people around. But we all had the brilliant idea to fly the drone over the walls… where people cannot go, a small drone can.. isn’t that the drone motto??!?

well.. to say the least.. we tried.

There was a cross breeze that seemed to change directions like choosing where to eat lunch with coworkers… (right Nate?)… we ignored that..

The wind blew the user manual clear across the parking lot… we ignored that

There was a rocky launch pad… we ignored that…

We were absolutely sleep-deprived…we ignored that..

Why you may ask? Because the tablet was charged and.. that about it..

so everything is going dandy with the set-up…

orientation. check, GPS. check, propeller. check, line of sight. check. Leggo!

We make it less than a meter (~3 ft for our US readers) off the rocky ground when the gust of El Nino comes from the warm Adriatic and flips the drone upside down and drops the drone on its back propeller down spinning at 7 gazillion rams making a small drone size hole in the gravel parking lot…Josiah is screaming in girly screams, Patrick is running around the parking lot avoid the small gravel rocks that are shooting for the drone, Marshal is contorting his body as if his body movements might make the drone flip back over, and I’m just standing there dumbfounded looking at this drone propel small boulders at us…

then we realized seemly at the same time to power off.. we all yell at Marshal and the chaos is over… we were defeated.. the damage was done..

We drag our feet back to the car and go to the coast to try to find a place to camp… The entropy seemed to just be building up at this point. There was no where to camp.. we searched for what seemed like hours as the sun set over the waters. It was probably 1 am when we finally just settled for a wide shoulder with a couple porter potties and a small grove of trees riddled with trash to rest our heads.. Patrick and I were beat and attempted to get a bit of shut eye in the car while Marshal and Josiah put on their explorer hats to put up their ENO Hammocks. I think we collectively averaged 4 hours of sleep..

Paskyali, You are a funny old man!

Paskyali, You are a funny old man!

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